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Dewitt Jones

Like the Mother's many of us have been fortunate to have or know, my mother helped and encouraged others when they were faced with difficult circumstances. She was there with them, listening to their concerns or bringing them a pot of her delicious homemade soup. She was able to brighten their day with her smile and kooky sense of humor.  She was the kind of person that always saw the bright side. (some people thought she was in denial!)

Because I saw my mother make a difference in their lives, I realized that what really matters is being there for people.  I was inspired by her example and as a result I chose careers based on service, serving people as a nurse, a psychotherapist, teacher and consultant. 

Life Satisfaction Coaching is an opportunity to serve others in new and more powerful ways. Coaching gives you the encouragement that I received from my mother and other mentors. 

Coaching provides support that tells you “you can do it” even when you aren’t so sure yourself.  As your coach I will be there supporting and encouraging you, celebrating your successes and to keep you going until you get to the finish line.

I look forward to getting to know you and discovering your special dreams and desires so you experience amazing opportunities to create your life the way you choose. 

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