Life Satisfaction Coaching

Inspiring a Balanced Whole Life


"The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step"

What are the changes you are facing today? 

Are you ready to make the transition to improve your life? 

Could you be heading in a direction that will lead to more difficulty and stress because you are unprepared? 

Every challenge or change you face becomes a journey.  We all face transitions that occur naturally like empty nest, retirement, parenthood and graduation.  We also have changes that occur due to unexpected events such as illness, divorce, or external disasters.  Every transition has many possible outcomes.  Like the Chinese symbol for Crisis which combines the symbols for danger and opportunity, when you face difficulties in your life you can go down either the path of danger or the path of greater strength. The choice between growing stronger or weaker is one you can make consciously.

These transition times force you to stretch yourself, to re-evaluate your beliefs about the world and who you are within it.  It is a time for developing your resiliency to manage the challenges you face more easily.  

Transition coaching provides you with the support and tools you will need to navigate more smoothly. It will help you find the inner map that will be your compass when you are feeling lost and alone. Your coach will be a mentor that will help you to come through the changes even stronger than before.  You will find the opportunity in the challenge and avoid the danger zone.

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