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"Come to the edge, He said.  They said "we are afraid."  "Come to the edge" he said.
They came. 
He pushed them.... and they flew!

Transformation " the old ways of thinking and being are no longer working and new ways are required so you are ready to move to a new more enlightened state."

Are you doing well in your life yet wonder if there is more? 
Are you wanting not just a good life but an extraordinary life?
Do you sense an inner urge to look deeper into your life?


When you find yourself facing a transformation in your life you are usually feeling “called” to make a shift.  This can be a very dramatic shift like the one that Millard Fuller made when he shifted from a life of extreme success in business to letting go of his material things and founding Habitat for Humanity.  Life may call you in different ways, through turmoil or simply from an inner sense that you need to follow a new direction. You may follow the call willingly or not. A transformation is a time of questioning even your most basic and long held ideas of who you are and why you are here. 

Inner calls to transform your life invite you on an adventure. When you are ready to answer "the call" to transform your life you will need a mentor to help you.  The Mentor supports encourages and teaches you to navigate the rough waters of change. Like Obi wan Kanobi was for Luke; the mentor becomes the internal voice of guidance to go with you on your way.  Your coach can be that mentor.

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" Never are you nearer the light than when the dark is deepest"
from "Instant Zen" McMullen & Levin